The Great Pumpkin

  Fall is upon us and so is the seasons bounty. With that being said, we are all ready to welcome the pumpkins into our homes. Pumpkins are a winter squash and we all look forward to carving a pumpkin as Halloween approaches. The month of September welcomes the pumpkin season in most parts of... Continue Reading →

South Western Style Gravlax

1 salmon fillet, skin on (3lbs) 1 bu chopped cilantro) 3 fl oz lime juice 1.5 fl oz tequila Cure: 6 oz salt 7 oz sugar ½ oz cracked black pepper   Method: 1. Clean salmon, remove pin bones, score skin. Place in cheese cloth and brush tequila and lime juice on salmon. 2. Mix... Continue Reading →

A Salt Story

Everywhere we go out to eat we can find a salt shaker on the table. We all know that one person who adds extreme amounts of salt to their food before tasting the dish. We have been taking salt for granted due to it being available everywhere. How long has salt been a vital item... Continue Reading →

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